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Beginning December 1, 2018, withdrawal limitations will be in place for share savings and special savings accounts:

  • All Savings & Money Market Accounts: 
    Electronic Funds Transfer & Third Party Checks in Excess of 6 . . . $10/item 

Pima Federal Fee Schedule
Effective December 1, 2018

Checking Account

Free Checking (Monthly Fee) None
Fresh Start Checking (Monthly Fee) $10
Insufficient Funds (per each presentment of each item including ATM/Debit) $29 
Courtesy Pay $29 
Stop Payment (per stop) $29 

All Savings & Money Market Accounts

Electronic Funds Transfer & Third Party Checks in Excess of 6 $10/item

Miscellaneous Fees

Returned Mail Fee $5
EFT Transactions: NSF Fees (per item) $29 
Visa® Replacement Card (per card) $10 
Visa® Express Delivery (per mailing) At Cost 
International Service Assessment Fee At Cost 
Account Closed Within 6 Months $20
Deposited Check Accepted for Collection (per item) $15
Cashier’s Check (per check) $2
Cashier’s Check Stop Payment-Plus Indemnification Agreement (per stop) $29 
Returned Deposited Item Fee (per item) $29 
Inactive Account (after 1 year of inactivity; waived for minors) $10/month 
Wire Domestic-Outgoing $20 
AZ Vehicle Title Fee (plus MVD and third party costs) $10 
Out-of-State Vehicle Title Fee (plus MVD and third party costs)
Reconveyance Fee At Cost 

Safe Deposit Boxes

Key Deposit (per box) $20 
Drilling of Lock (per box-Actual Cost) Min. $100 
Lost Key (each) $20 

Annual Rental (per box): 

3" x 5" box – $25 5" x 10" – $65
5" x 5" box – $37 7" x 10" – $80
3" x 10" box – $45 10" x 10" – $105

Reg D Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is Regulation D (Reg D)?
Reg D is a federal regulation that limits the number and type of withdrawals from Savings, Additional Savings or Money Market Accounts to six per month (per account).
What is the purpose of Reg D?
The purpose of Reg D is to regulate the level of reserves a financial institution maintains. The required reserve amount for each financial institution is based on the balances it has in its transactional accounts, such as Checking Accounts.
What policy change is Pima Federal Credit Union making to comply with Reg D?
Effective December 1, 2018 overdrafts from Savings or Money Market Accounts to cover debit card transactions will be included in the six withdrawals permitted under Reg D. Therefore, debit card transactions that attempt to draw from a Savings or Money Market Account when there are insufficient funds in checking – beyond the six permitted each month – will be denied, unless other forms of overdraft are set up on the account.
How does Reg D affect my account?
If you have a Pima Federal Savings or Money Market Account and frequent withdrawals are made from any one of those accounts to cover overdrafts from your Checking Account, Reg D withdrawal limits could possibly result in denied debit card transactions on your account.
When does the Reg D counter reset?
The Reg D counter resets at the beginning of each month, bringing the debit card counter and the ACH/draft counter back to zero.
What types of transactions are counted toward the 6 (six) transfers permitted each month? 
The types of transactions that count toward the 6 (six) transfers permitted each month under Reg D include: 
  • ACH transfers from a Savings or Money Market Account to another financial institution or third party for payment by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, telephone agreement, order or instruction (e.g. Phone or Online Banking, etc.). 
  • Withdrawal checks issued from a Savings or Money Market Account via Phone/Online Banking when made payable to a third party 
  • Phone/Online Banking transfers from a Savings or Money Market Account to any other Pima Federal account 
  • Automatic transfers from a Savings or Money Market Account to cover checks, ACH, or EFT (overdraft protection) 
  • Checking Account Debit Card transactions which overdraft from a Savings or Money Market Account when funds in the Checking Account are insufficient. 
  • Recurring scheduled transfers from a Savings or Money Market Account to any other Pima Federal account. 
What types of transactions are not counted toward the 6 (six) transfers permitted each month?
The types of transactions that are not counted toward the 6 (six) transfers permitted each month under Reg D include:
  •  Withdrawal checks issued via Phone/Online Banking when made payable to the member and mailed to the member 
  • Any transfer for the purpose of repaying a Pima Federal loan 
  • Transfers among accounts of the same person when made by mail, ATM or in person 
  • Debit Card transactions that don’t trigger overdrafts from Savings or Money Market Accounts
How can I make a transfer if I have exceeded Reg D?
To make a transfer after Reg D has been exceeded, you can:
  • Transfer the money at an ATM 
  • Complete the transaction in person with a teller
If I have two Savings Accounts, am I limited to 6 transactions for each account or 6 in total for both?
Each month you are permitted 6 transfers from each Savings Account.
Do ATM transfers from Savings and Money Market Accounts count toward Reg D?
No, ATM transfers will not count toward Reg D.

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry

The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) is a free service for consumers to confirm that mortgage companies and mortgage professionals are licensed in accordance with the S.A.F.E. Act (Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act). This federal registration system requires individual employees of agency-regulated institutions who engage in the business of residential mortgage loan origination to register with NMLS. The Registry allows consumers to verify that the mortgage originators with whom they may do business are indeed registered and in compliance with the regulation. Below is the list of Pima Federal Credit Union individuals who are listed with the Registry along with their respective NMLS ID numbers.
Pima Federal Credit Union #408885
Coggshall, Adam 
Amstutz, Scott 
Barfield, Michaela
Barraza, Juan
Campano, Cindy
Castaneda, Bernadine 1523187 Coalter, Margaret
Contreras, Irvyn
Dixon, Ann 
Enriquez, Paula
Fisher, Raul
Garcia, Andrea
Basiliere, Stephanie 
Grajeda, Sonia
Haller, Mario
Hernandez, Belmont 1523193 Hernandez, Rosa
Jeter, Patrice
Knight, Mariah
Little, Jay 
Linarez, Andrea
Loker, Holli
Lopez, Amy
Louis, Iris
Luna, Terry 
Mahoney, Lynda
Martinez, Liz 
Mehl, Kim
Vidal, Bea 
Pesina, Jennie 
Newell, Nancy
O’Hagin, Daniel
Oaks, Christopher
Orlosky, Mikayla
Quinonez, Joni
Rodriguez, Rebecca 
Snyder, Chelsea
Stewart, Adam
Tellez, Naomi
Victorino, Leslie 
Zarate, Diana
Tevik, Greg 
Riparip, Tiana