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Holiday Skip-A-Pay

Skip a Payment this Season and Enjoy the Holidays Even More! 

As one of our valued members, you're eligible to apply to skip a payment on your Pima Federal loan this season. If you have more than one qualifying loan you would like to skip, you will need to fill out the request below for each loan. Once you submit your request you will receive a response within 7 business days. 

* Required

Which loan would you like to skip?

Please note, this offer excludes home loans, lines of credit, commercial/business loans, credit cards, loans that have not yet completed the first six months of payments, and loans that have had 10 previous skips.

Where would you like the $45 processing fee to be deducted from? * $45 must be available in this account at the time of application in addition to the minimum required for savings
What month would you like to skip? * If your loan payment frequency is other than monthly, your payments will be skipped as follows, starting with the first payment date of the month indicated: bi-weekly=2 payments skipped; weekly=4 payments skipped.
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Terms: By submitting this request, you, being the primary borrower, are acting on behalf of all borrowers on the loan, authorize Pima Federal Credit Union to skip a payment on the loan requested. You understand and agree this will extend the loan maturity date of the loan. Interest will continue to accrue and payment protection fees (if applicable) will post as normal during the month you skip your payment. Your submission of this request is legally binding for all borrowers on the loan. Additional Information: The $45 processing fee (per loan) will be automatically deducted from the Pima Federal Share Savings or Checking Account indicated above. If your loan payment is made by means of ACH or Auto-Transfer, Pima Federal will defer the payment for the month selected, however if your payments are made through a Bill Payment service you will need to defer that month's payment. Your request for skipping a payment will not be granted if the fee is unavailable, if any of your loans become delinquent, if you have been granted an extension on your loan within the past 12 months, if you currently have an outstanding work-out loan, if you are paying any of your loans through a consumer counseling agency, if forced place insurance has been added to your loan, if you have been granted 10 skips on your loan, or if your loan has been included in a bankruptcy filing. This request must be completed and received at least ten (10) days before your scheduled payment date.

Thank you for your submission!

We will be in touch with you soon.