Consumer Checking – For Us, Free Means Free

Enjoy the convenience of mobile bankingonline banking and Bill Pay, eStatements and VISA® debit cards when paying bills, making purchases and withdrawing cash from your Pima Federal Credit Union Consumer Checking Account.

1.) No minimum balance and no monthly service charge
2.) Visa® debit card with ATM access (for qualifying members) 
3.) Free overdraft protection from savings account
4.) Free automatic protection from your established personal Line of Credit, Apply today
5.) Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction (a.k.a. pay yourself first) and automatic Bill Pay
6.) If you like checks, you can order them here.

Fresh Start Checking

Pima Federal has a new checking program designed to allow those who have previously been denied access to this type of product due to credit challenges a "Fresh Start." This program, appropriately named Fresh Start Checking, comes with a monthly fee of $10 and allows access to a checking account, unlimited check writing ability, a debit card and access to over 50,000+ surcharge free ATMs.

We know that the convenience of checking accounts along with the ensuing benefits of debit cards and checks are services that many rely on in their daily routines and in the management of their households. So it is now our pleasure to be able to offer these services to qualifying Pima Federal members who are looking to refresh their finances and enrich their lives.

Pima Federal's Visa® Debit Card Features

Pima Federal Visa Debit cards now feature EMV chip to provide our members even more security. Take a look here to learn more about EMV Chip Cards. 

1.) Real-time banking transactions are deducted immediately from your Pima Federal account.
2.) No liability for unauthorized purchases
3.) World wide access
4.) Accepted where checks are not
5.) Safer than carrying cash
6.) Faster than writing a check
7.) View transactions through our on-line Internet access Home Banking 


Help keep your account secure by signing up for Debit Card Alerts. With this service you can customize the alerts you would like to receive, such as: purchases over a selected amount, International purchases, online purchases, and declined purchases. Click here to sign up today. 

Cardholders are able to activate their Debit Card by calling (866) 985-2273. We ask that if you plan on using your card for International transactions, you contact the credit union so your transactions will not be declined.

If your debit card is lost or stolen please call: 520-887-5010 during business hours or (800) 654-7728 after hours.

Direct Deposit Information

Have instant access to your payroll check with direct deposit. You may have your paycheck, disability, retirement, Social Security or Veterans Administration checks deposited automatically into your Pima Federal Credit Union Savings or Checking Account.  

How to set up Direct Deposit?

Simply provide your employer with the following information: Pima Federal Credit Union's Routing and Transit number (R&T) 322174795 and your Pima Federal Credit Union account number.

When you submit your account number for an automatic transaction, please keep in mind that it makes a difference if you want it posted to your savings or checking account. This applies for both deposits and withdrawals.

If you want the transaction to post to your Checking Account, provide the number that appears at the bottom of your check. 

For transactions to post to your savings account, provide your 13-digit account number to the company that is arranging the transaction. 

How do I wire money to my account?

When you need to transfer funds to your account, click for full instructions or give us a call at (520) 887-5010.

Bill Pay

Use our online or mobile Bill Pay service to conveniently and securely pay one time and recurring payments, make transfers between financial institutions, and for person-to-person (P2P) payments.

Coming in early 2016, you'll notice an enhanced look and feel to our online Bill Pay solution. This updated solution will require fewer steps to enroll, set up payments, and review payment history to save you valuable time.

Please take a look at our FAQs page here to learn more. 

Pay Yourself First (Payroll Deduction)

If offered by your employer, you can have your loan payment or a specified amount of savings deducted from your paycheck automatically before you're tempted to spend it. To sign up for payroll deduction, visit a Member Service Representative at any Pima Federal Credit Union Financial Center.

Fee Schedule

Due to NCUA Regulations, we must place this information on our site regarding our current fee structure. We would have anyway...just because it's the right thing to do. (Fee Schedule PDF Here)

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